Future Flora

A new way to work with plants

Future Flora is a project to provide a biosecure way to grow, procure and specify plants that can be used by everyone in the horticulture and landscape sectors, from nurseries through to landscape contractors, designers and managers.


Harnessing new technology to transform the supply chain

Whilst the construction, technology and procurement industries have harnessed new technology to improve stock handling, traceability, product performance and demand forecasting, the landscape sectors have struggled to implement similar advances, largely due to our fragmented supply chain and the technical challenges of working with living organisms. At a national level, familiar issues such as complex nursery orders, inappropriate variations to contract, and suboptimal species selection lead to a plant palette that is out of date and prevent the landscape sector from being able to adequately address climate change and biosecurity threats.

To address these challenges, Future Flora will provide the landscape sector a new, BIM-compatible plug-in for handling plant specification, delivering a step change in the ability of nurseries, landscape contractors, designers and managers to support national policy goals. At the centre of this project is high quality plant data, giving plant users the best understanding of what plants thrive where, and how to specify them.

The project team behind Future Flora are leaders in the interface between plant research, landscape design and technology, with track records in delivering industry guidance and internationally recognised landscapes. Future Flora builds on their experience and collaborates with governmental agencies, industry bodies, research institutions and private sector organisations.

Future Flora is currently in a public consultation phase and we are asking everyone in the nursery and landscape sectors to take part in this survey. Whether you are in a consultancy, conservation group or a public sector organisation, your views will make a big difference in shaping the way that Future Flora is created and implemented, so please share the survey with your colleagues, clients and suppliers – a cross-sector change starts here.

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